NaW Replacement Counters

NaW Replacement Counters

Nations At War Replacement Counters 

The NaW Replacement Counters were made from the Nations At War Clarifications and Corrections PDF. These corrections have been compiled from old FAQ/Errata and forum posts from various forums over time. The misprinted counters can be replaced by downloading the PDF and printing the corrected counters and pasting the front and back images onto the counters. Also included are some new unit types not originally available in the series.  For those who prefer you can order the NaW Replacement counters. There will be a limit of one per customer and only as supplies last.


Q1: Why are there Nations At War Replacement Counters and Separate Upgrade Kits?
A1: The Nations At War Replacement Counters found here are for anyone who has already upgraded their game and just needed the updated counters.  The Nations At War Upgrade Kits will give you the new Player Aids, Core Rules, Module Rules, and the Replacement Counters.  If you are purchasing one of the Upgrade Kits or 2nd Edition game with the Upgrade kit included then you DO NOT need to purchase any Replacement Counters. 


Nations At War v2.0 rules are the latest set of guidelines and regulations for the game system written by Sean Druelinger, Lead Developer of the Nations At War Series.

These rules present the core rules for the game system.  This new rule book has been designed to place all the rules in one book, making playing the game is easier and faster than ever.

Notable changes from previous versions of the rules (v1.0 and earlier) will be presented in BLUE text. This new edition of the rules can be used with previously published modules.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no difference between the Living Rules PDF Edition and the Printed Edition.  This printed book was designed with the gamer in mind and those that have older editions games in the series but wanted to have a hard copy set of the new rules in their hands.

The new rules are available for anyone to download for free at the link below:

PDF Living Rules:


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