Campaign Series: Fall Weiss

Campaign Series: Fall Weiss

OS: Windows XP 
Processor: 1.2 
Memory: 1024 MB RAM 
Graphics: 256 MB 
DirectX: Version 9.0c 
Hard Drive: 500 MB available space


OS: Windows 8 
Processor: 1.8 Dual Core 
Memory: 2048 MB RAM 
Graphics: 512 MB 
DirectX: Version 9.0c 
Hard Drive: 800 MB available space


Requirements: Steam Download Edition: This product requires a Steam account and internet access to download and play.

Fall Weiss is a turn-based strategy game which takes place during the invasion of Poland in World War II. Take control of one of the major participants of the conflict: Germany, Poland or the Soviet Union.

For the first time, the player has a possibility to recreate the events of the first campaign of World War II. What is more important - the course of history can be changed, and the Germans and Soviets can be defeated. It's all up to you. 

Three sides of the conflict: 

  • Third Reich - a regime looking for more and more Lebensraum, willing to roll over everything with Panzers and to bomb all that is left with Stukas. 
  • Soviet Union - a regime, killing people for the Great Socialism. In 1920 the Polish Army stopped them, but this time Soviets are better prepared. 
  • Poland - a regime, trying to survive between two of the greatest powers of Europe. They say the most handsome and brave cavalryman are in the Polish Army. 


  • Scale adapted for the size of the conflict 
  • Detailed historical units 
  • Huge modding possibilities 
  • Replayability factor with a lot "what if" options 
  • Difficulty level customizable for each country 
  • History within a hand's reach 
  • Only computer adaptation of the campaign 
  • Runs well on most hardware
  • Realistic presentation of the campaign's events
  • Supply Depots which are crucial to execute successful offensives
  • HQ units and Chain of Command boosting the efficiency of units
  • Historical types of units, like Ulhans, Panzers, Stukas, etc.
  • Major rivers which can slow down the offensive
  • Over 700 of historical units, with unique photos
  • 20000 hexes map of Poland and surroundings

When there are no guns, no tanks, no hope, honor is the only thing that's left.


Requirements: Steam Download Edition: This product requires a Steam account and internet access to download and play.


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Tags: Strategy, Wargame, World War II, Turn-Based, Historical

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