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Heroes of Grenada

Heroes of Grenada
Heroes of Grenada
Heroes of Grenada
Heroes of Grenada
Heroes of Grenada
Heroes of Grenada
In The Works
Heroes of Grenada
Heroes of Grenada
Heroes of Grenada
Heroes of Grenada
Heroes of Grenada
Heroes of Grenada
Heroes of Grenada
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Heroes of Grenada

Operation Urgent Fury 

At dawn on 25 October 1983, the United States of America attacked the island nation of Grenada, 100 miles (160 km) north of Venezuela. 
Codenamed Operation Urgent Fury, the multinational intervention was the result of a formal appeal for help from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States triggered by the strife within the People's Revolutionary Government which resulted in the house arrest and execution of the previous leader and second Prime Minister of Grenada Maurice Bishop. 8000 US military troops took part in the invasion. A multi-prong attack consisting of naval invasions and para drops took place all over the island. By the 3rd day, the fighting was over. 

'Heroes of Grenada' brings to life this conflict with US Marines, Rangers, and SEALs supported by AC-130Hs face off against the Grenadian military and Cuban troops. New rules for Para Drops and Troop Surrenders are included as you fight through more than 12 scenarios highlighting some of the roughest fighting found during the invasion. From the para drops at Salinas airfield to Pearl’s Airfield, True Blue Campus, the Government House, and the warehouse factory fight near Freqeunte, to the Calivigny Barracks, and Radio Free Grenada at Beausejour. 

The sunny Caribbean awaits you!"  


Product Profile
Components Heroes of Grenada:
12 x Geomorphic 8.25 x 12.75 Maps.
3 x Counter Sheets of 475+ Counters.
1 x Color Module Rules and Scenario Booklet with 12 Scenarios.
2 x Player Aid Card 11 x 17.
5 x Player Aid Cards 8.5 x 11.
1 x Heavy Duty box.
2 x D62 Dice.
Stats Complexity: 5 out of 10
Solitaire: 7 out of 10
Ages: 12+
Players: 1-2
Time: 2-4 Hours.
Scale: Squads, Crews, and Tanks.
Requirements Requirements: No other product is required to play this game.
Credits Executive Producer: David Heath
Associate Producer: Devin Heinle
LnLT Development Team: David Heath, Devin Heinle, and Stephane Tanguay
Module Designer: Ralph Ferrari
Manual Editor: Hans Korting
Counter Art: Ivan Caceres and David Julien
Map Art: Marc von Martial
Scenario Designers: Ralph Ferrari
Administration: Ava Marie Heath
Customer Support: Patrick White and Maddie Gale
Logistic Manager: Darren White
Graphic Design & Layout: Blackwell Hird, Murray, Steve Pultorak, Steven Dennis
Box Art & Design: Blackwell Hird
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