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Posted by David 05/24/2016 3 Comment(s)



We now have available two ways for you to pay for your orders from Lock ‘n Load Publishing.  We have a new updated PayPal system that will allow you to use money in your PayPal account or your credit cards.  We also added another Card Merchant to our store to provide more choices to our customers allowing use of debit cards and credit cards.  


Lock ‘n Load Publishing Team


3 Comment(s)

Gene Lambirth:
07/21/2016, 07:40:01 PM

Since I have had no response to my last support ticket request, I will try here.Can you confirm my existing orders?And can you possibly explain the meaning of this statement: "Any post made by you before three posts are made will be rejected."

Nicholas Sagliano Jr:
01/12/2017, 11:11:20 AM, PayPal Stranded Orders

Hello, I was contacted on January 6 by Darren White concerning two attempted PayPal orders that I entered, that did not process. Darren understood the issue and was going to process the later order (26 DEC 16 PayPal Transaction ID 3GM25351EU4064637) and refund the first order (17DEC16 PayPal Transaction ID 9F633337Y9776343E). He also was going to apply the Holiday pricing on this order, as well. He told me that he would get this done on Monday 9 JAN. Unfortunately none of this has happened. I am sure it slipped through the cracks over the weekend. I am also entered the same message at the "Contact Us"web page at Respectfully, Nicholas Sagliano Jr

03/20/2017, 12:35:07 PM

I've been looking all over your website to find a phone number for you guys so I can ask a question about ordering but I've yet to find one. How can you run a business without one? How about posting a customer support phone number

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