Our New Pre-Orders and Loyalty Systems

Posted by David 24/05/2016 0 Comment(s)

I wanted to take this time and update you all on our new Pre-order and Loyalty systems. Some of you will notice that we are not taking any pre-orders at this time, and older pre-orders are not showing up in your customer order history on the store. 



Pre-Order Done Right


We will have a new pre-order store module available in about two weeks that will correct this and offer new features at NO Risk or Outlay of money. Our new pre-order system you will allow you to place pre-orders with no need for a credit card or payment upfront. You will be able to place pre-orders with any other type of orders at the same time. Our new Loyalty system (Which is in place now) will also allow you to automatically receive discounts on all purchases including pre-orders. When the pre-order is ready for shipment, you will be sent an email with a link to click on and pay for your pre-order. You will have seven days to do this, and if during the interval you decide not purchase your placed pre-order then you will need to do nothing. The order will be canceled, and you may order the game at any time at the current price. Your Loyalty discount will always be applied to any orders you place. The pre-order will show up in your order history allowing you to review or cancel it at any time. 



Loyalty has its Privileges 


For those of you that have been using our store for a while know about our reward point system, The old reward system was good for building up points and allowing customers to receive discounts on products but was limited. You had to know how many award points you needed for a game, limited to what products you could use them on and you needed to remember to use them at checkout, etc. Our new Loyalty system is simple and does all the work for you. Our new Loyalty system keeps tracks of your purchases history and applies you with a discount at checkout; that is applied to all of your purchases and all products EVEN PRE-ORDERS. This discount is visible right at checkout, and you never need to do anything. As you purchase more games over time, your discount will increase over time giving you an even a larger discounts. Your discount is made based on your purchase over time and NOT the amount in currently in your cart. If you had any reward points available, we converted them over into our Loyalty system, so they are not lost and are working for you NOW not after you receive some additional reward points. 


Oh... I almost forgot to tell everyone, when we set up the new Loyalty system we also included everyone past purchases (If they were available) so many of you have some pretty nice discounts already available. 



Let us know what you think,




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