Command Ops 2: Vol. 5 The Cauldron

-13% Command Ops 2: Vol. 5 The Cauldron
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The Cauldron covers the famous battles in the Mediterranean and North Africa during 1941/42, including the island invasions of Crete and Leros, operations Battleaxe, Brevity and Crusader in North Africa and hypothetical invasions of Malta. As General Student in charge of the XI Fliegerkorps can you pull off the most stunning airborne victory of WW2. Or as Major General Gott in charge of the famous Desert Rats 7th Armoured Division can you prevail over the Deutches Afrika Korps in the desert sands of Libya. Contains 20 Scenarios.

You can download the complete Core game with three scenarios and the manual for FREE. What the catch? There is none, just add the Core Engine to your cart and checkout. You will then receive a serial number and a download for the game at no cost. Once you try the game you can buy any Modules or Battle Packs full of scenarios to expand your game play.

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Requirements: Command Ops 2 is required to use this product.