World At War: Compendium Volume 2

World At War: Compendium Volume 2


The Swedish Army in Operation Garbo
Go Big 
World at War Timeline
Editor's Page

Articles and Battle Reports
White and Orange 
Diesel and Dust 
The Über Bout 
The Battle of Bendorf

A New Cue for the HQ
Theme and Variation: Six Ways to Play an Old Scenario

Lancers to the Front
Brothers in Arms
Tank Battle
Taxis of War
The Other Guys
The Mainz Event
The Sting
Solidarność and the Fifth Partition
Spring Cleaning
Tanks, Mr. Rico! Zillions of 'Em
New Moon on Monday
Hill 252



It's the Oil, Stupid!
To the Shores of
Speed Bumps
Meeting in the Sands 
A Place Called Fulda 
Fateful Dawn
The Main Event
Jungle Blood & Sweat
Black Flags
Foot Blitzkrieg
Into the Fire
Blunted Spear
To the Paddy Fields Beyond
Ardennes Again
Bottom of the Barrel
Sitting Ducks
Counting Trees

Order of Battle









  • 85-Page Magazine
  • 30 Total Scenarios + 6 Variants for “First Moves” from Eisenbach Gap
  • Battle Reports and Articles
  • HQ Variant
  • Four Modulettes:
    • Ardennes Again (NEW!)
    • A Place Called Fulda
    • It’s the Oil, Stupid!
    • Jungle Blood & Sweat
  • One 11" x 17" Geomorphic Card Stock Map
  • 130 Counters
  • All in a Zip-lock Bag

The Compendium is a magazine, with maps, scenarios, and die-cut counters for the World at War game system. It is not a separate game.


Discontinued Product:  Once Inventory Reaches Zero this Product will be Removed from the Store.

The Compendium Volume 2 is packed with over 85 full-color pages of World at War content!

Based on the Line of Fire material from issues #8 through #13, this iteration of the Compendium includes a tankful of scenarios—over 30! It also contains the continued history of World War III as it happened, battle reports, articles, Jeff Schulte’s clever HQ variant, a new 11”x17” geomorphic map, and 130 counters—featuring 21 new counters for Luxembourg forces that battle it out with Poles and Soviets in a brand-new five-scenario modulette, Ardennes Again. An Order of Battle for all counters in the Compendium rounds out the content.

Counters include formations of US Marines, an expanded Team Charlie, the Soviet 3rd Tank, two new Luxembourg formations, and Chinese and Vietnamese forces that fight it out in a six-scenario modulette, Jungle Blood & Sweat.

The Compendium Volume 2 is a must-have feast for all World at War enthusiasts!

NOTE: The Compendium Volume 2 does NOT include SADF/FAPLA scenarios and components that have been published in issues #8 through #13 of Line of Fire. These will be republished later in a complete module.

Discontinued Product:  Once Inventory Reaches Zero this Product will be Removed from the Store.


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