Line of Fire Issue #05 [PDF Edition]

Line of Fire Issue #05 [PDF Edition]

Line of Fire Issue #5 Includes:

  • 45 Full-color Pages 
  • 50 5/8” Counters for World at War
  • Six World at War Scenarios
  • Articles on Heroes of the Blitzkrieg and on the Tactical Use of Obstacles in the Lock ‘n Load System
  • A Brief History of the Imperial Japanese Army in World War Two and Island War Deluxe
  • An Anzac Attack Battle Report
  • A Look at the Swedish Forces in Operation Garbo
  • Interviews with John Tiller and Tom Proudfoot
  • And More!


Note: Eisenbach Gap and Death of the First Panzer are now one module, Eisenbach Gap Deluxe.

Publisher: Lock ‘n Load Publishing

Editor: Jeff Lewis

Art Director: Guillaume Ries

Contributors: Pete Atack, Andy Brown, Yvan Descotes, Ralph Ferrari, Nils Idemalm, Jeff Schulte, Arrigo Velicogna

Additional Art: Pete Abrams, David Julien, Mark von Martial

Special thanks to Tom Proudfoot and John Tiller


Line of Fire Issue #5

With Six New Scenarios and 50 New Counters for World at War, Line of Fire #5 is like an Expansion Module on its Own! . . . But There’s So Much More!!

The four formations in West Germany’s 1st Aufklärung-Abteilung and the Soviet 2nd Tank have appeared in Line of Fire before, and they are back, included again in many of the six new World at War scenarios in this issue. These six scenarios are perfect for owners of Eisenbach Gap, Death of the First Panzer and Blood & Bridges. Additionally, two of the scenarios continue the serial Munich’s Highway modulette that began in Line of Fire #4, and offer guidelines for playing them as a challenging linked campaign.

Read about the Imperial Japanese Army in World War Two and how they are portrayed in Island War Deluxe. Get tactical tips on the usage of obstacles in the Lock ‘n Load system. Learn about Heroes of the Blitzkrieg. Delve into a gripping account of the perilous action from the second of James Luck’s Anzac Attack scenarios that appeared in Line of Fire #3; the Aussies are on the attack, and are looking to ferret the NVA out of an expansive tunnel complex. Expand your knowledge of the Swedish Army in World at War: Operation Garbo. And much more!

Notice: Articles and Scenarios in this Magazine are more geared towards our older discontinued series Lock ‘n Load and World At War products. The latest edition of these series are now titled Lock ‘n Load Tactical and World At War 85. Updated editions of the Articles and Scenarios can be found in our Compendium products.


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