Line of Fire Issue #08 [PDF Edition]

Line of Fire Issue #08 [PDF Edition]


  • Over 60 Full-color Pages
    Two 8.5”x11” Maps (1 for WaW, 1 for LnL)
  • 88 5/8” Die-Cut Counters (for WaW, TonT, ATZ and LnL)
  • A Dozen Scenarios (6 WaW, 2 LnL, 1 ATZ, 1 TonT, 1 DEL, 1 IWD), Including the First Three Scenarios in the Ongoing WaW: SADF Chapter
  • Tactics Articles on All Things Zombie, Tank on Tank and Battle Pack Bravo
  • Articles on Nuklear Winter ’68, Space Infantry, Zombie War and House of Spirits
  • Battle Reports from WaW and Totensonntag


Notice: Articles and Scenarios in this Magazine are more geared towards our older discontinued series Lock ‘n Load and World At War products. The latest edition of these series are now titled Lock ‘n Load Tactical and World At War 85. Updated editions of the Articles and Scenarios can be found in our Compendium products.


Note (1): Game Abbreviations are as follows: All Things Zombie (ATZ), Tank on Tank (TonT), Island War Deluxe (IWD), Dawn’s Early Light (DEL), World at War (WaW), and Lock ‘n Load (LnL).

Note (2): The WaW: SADF Chapter continues in later issues of Line of Fire.


Publisher: Lock ‘n Load Publisher

Editor: Jeff Lewis

Art Director: Guillaume Ries


Contributors: Pete Atack, Kirk Alton, Ralph Ferrari, Nils Idelman, Steve Kimball, Norm Lunde, Rich Mataka, Mark Mitchel, Greg Porter, Jeff Schulte, Stephane Tanguay, Chris Taylor, Mark Thomas, Petre Tutunea, and Jim Werbaneth.

Additional Art: Pete Abrams, Guillaume Ries.


Line of Fire #8. Our Biggest Issue Yet!

Line of Fire #8 is loaded with over 60 full-color pages of super-charged content, covering a wide selection of LnLP game systems, a pair of new 8.5”x11” maps and 88 5/8” die-cut counters.

Gain tactical insights on All Things Zombie, Tank on Tank and on two scenarios in LnL: Battle Pack Bravo. Learn more about Nuklear Winter ’68, Space Infantry, Zombie War and House of Spirits. Check out the detailed and dynamic action in two World at War (WaW) battle reports, and one from Totensonntag. Play the first three scenarios in a new—and ongoing—WaW module, the SADF Chapter, which extends the bleak edge of the Third World War to Africa, as the South African Defense Force takes on the determined tandem of the FAPLA and their Cuban allies. A new formation of Soviet T-72s, the 3rd Tank Battalion, also cuts its treads across the Blood & Bridges map in two other WaW scenarios.

Hit the beach in Algeria with green American soldiers during Operation Torch for a LnL scenario on a new map, for a “Fiery Baptism” against the Vichy French. Or check out an alternative-history LnL scenario that bends all conventions, using components from no less than half a dozen different modules. Use new Pershing and King Tiger tanks in a heavy-hitting clash for Tank on Tank. Additional scenarios for Island War Deluxe, All Things Zombie and Dawn’s Early Light extend the fun, too.


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