Warparty Components:

  • Dice
  • Four Army Sheet Guides
  • Two Mounted Record-keeping Boards
  • One Color Rule Book
  • 189 Color Spell, Quest, Treasure, Monster & Hero Cards
  • 608 Color Counters and Markers
  • One 37.5" x 30" Mounted Game Board

    Discontinued Product:  Once Inventory Reaches Zero this Product will be Removed from the Store.

Warparty allows challenges and immersion for new players as well as seasoned veterans, offering the possibility for many different strategic avenues for players to master. Each army is compiled with many unique units that offer each army not only it’s own flavor
In Warparty, players take command of the heroes and armies in a fantasy world beset by conflict. An alliance of Dwarves and Men are pitted in a battle of survival against the evil hordes of Goblins and the nefarious Undead. To win, players recruit massive armies, build cities, develop technology, and conquer territory in an effort to defeat their opponents by ultimately capturing their homeland. Beyond the mere battling of armies and world conquest, players direct the development of heroes to explore dungeons, battle fierce creatures and gain valuable treasure and spells that can be used to turn the tides of war against their foes.

it’s own diverse set of strategies.

Discontinued Product:  Once Inventory Reaches Zero this Product will be Removed from the Store.



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