World At War: Gamer's Guide

World At War: Gamer's Guide

Our Gamer's Guide includes forty pages packed with World at War wisdom. You'll find a preview of World at War: Blood and Bridges, two new scenarios: Clearing Hell's Highway and Poor Bloody Infantry, two battle reports with semi-fictionized accounts recounts of World at War scenarios, a ten page article examining strategy in the World at War series and the specific tactics needed to win all six Eisenbach Gap scenarios. The Gamer's guide also includes variants for night fighting and a design your own scenarios "how to" article.

There are tables comparing the strength and weakness of an M1 Abrams platoon and a T-72 platoon in the World at War system. We go through the platoons of Eisenbach Gap, unit-by-unit, and provide a walkthrough for winning Blind Sided, a Death of the 1st Panzer scenario in a two-color 40-page glossy magazine.

We have strived to make a guide that is visually appealing, interesting, and diversified. Inside you’ll find articles on strategy, the percentages of rolling dice in World at War, battle reports and unit analysis.


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