Heroes in Defiance - Battle Generator

Heroes in Defiance - Battle Generator

Heroes in Defiance Battle Generator Includes:

One Battle Generator Booklet.

Two 11 x 17 Player Aid Card.

Requirements: Heroes in Defiance is required to use this product.  

Executive Producer: David Heath

Associate Producer: Jeff Lewis

Battle Generator Design: Wolfgang Klein 


Lead System Developer: Jeff Lewis

Game Developers: Jeff Lewis

Box Design & Art: Blackwell Hird, David Julien, 

Map Art: Marc von Martial, Olivier Revenu, Guillaume Ries, Nicolas Eskubi, Tom Herrschaft

Player-Aid Cards: Blackwell Hird, Steven Dennis, Steve Pultorak

Counter Art: David Julien, 

Manual Author: Jeff Lewis

Manual Editing: Jeff Lewis

Graphic Design and Layout: Blackwell Hird

Administration: Ava Marie Heath

Customer Support: Jason Church

Shipping Support: Darren White

Playtesters & Special Thanks: Bill Ash, James Luck, Mike Mir Fin, Stuart Poll, David Julien, Peter Bogdassarian, Tom Konczal, Paul Pratt, Yvan Desocotes, Peter Atack, Ren Bitzer, Shauna Church, Nicholas Heath, Shane Heath, Phil Lucero, Austin Stoltz, Stephane Tanguay, Zac Vialpando, Kindra White and Patrick White

Scenario Designers: Dale Holmstrom, Jeff Lewis, Oliver Revenu, Mark Mitchell, Nicolas Arnoux

Why We Do What We Do: We love designing, developing and, most of all, playing games. We thank God for blessing us so we can follow our passions, and our family, friends and our fans for their support.


Heroes in Defiance Battle Generator puts the power to create scenarios and engagements into the player's hands, allowing you to get the most out of your game as you go from scenarios we built to charting your own course.  Since it’s inception, the Lock ’n Load Tactical Series has been defined by two things: its innovative rule set and its engaging scenarios. 

This generator is based on a point system defined by the size of the battle you want to play and then modified up or down by the variables of the battle. This means that you get to the action fast.  The Battle Generator comes with player aid cards with all the forces in the game and the points needed to purchase them.  The Battle Generator allows you to play with maps from Heroes in Defiance.     

The Battle Generator can be used in whole or just the parts you want to play with.  Play the forces you want when you want. 

Requirements: Heroes in Defiance is required to use this product.  


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