When the Lion Roars - World at War 85

In The Works When the Lion Roars - World at War 85

When the Iron Roars Includes:

Two Double Sided Seasonal Maps.


Three Counter Sheets with Over 350+ Counters.

One Color Module Booklet

Fifteen Scenarios

One Core Game System v2.0 Manual

Two Unit Cost Sheets 11” x 17.”

Three Player-Aid Cards 8.5” x 11.”

Eight D6 Dice

Complexity: 5 out of 10

Solitaire: 7 out of 10

Ages: 12+

Players: 1-2

Time: 1-2 Hours.

Requirements: This is a complete game and nothing else is required to play.  


Executive Producer: David Heath

Associate Producer: Blackwell Hird

Lead Game Design & Development: Keith Tracton, Matt Lohse

Design Your Own Scenario System: Sean Druelinger, Neal Schlaffer

Graphic Design & Layout: Blackwell Hird, Ethan Wilson

Box Art & Design: Blackwell Hird

Manual Editor: Jeff Lewis

Counter Art: Marc von Martial

Map Art: Marc von Martial

Administration: Ava Marie Heath

Customer Support: Jason Church

Logistic Manager: Darren White

Scenario Designers: Keith Tracton, Matt Lohse 

Playtesters: Sean Druelinger, Ralph Ferrari, Jeff Lewis, David Heath, Shane Heath

Special Thanks & Support: Mark Apodaca, Ren Bitzer, Russell Brown, Shauna Church, John Deluca, Debbie Deluca, Nathan Druelinger, Sean Druelinger, Ralph Ferrari, Roger Lewis, Matt Lohse, Phil Lucero, Jeff Newell, Andrew Heath, Daniel Heath, Nicholas Heath, Shane Heath, Yvonne Heath, Phil Lucero, Mark Mitchell, Steve Overton, Mike Panikowski, Tyler Roush, Kevin Sharp, Noah Stoltz, Vance Strickland, Keith Tracton, Brittany Ward, Kindra White.

Why We Do What We Do: We love designing, developing and, most of all, playing games. We thank God for blessing us so we can follow our passions, and our families, friends and, of course, our customers.


WHEN THE LION ROARS is the SEVENTH volume in The WORLD AT WAR 85 SERIES of games of fast and furious platoon-level combat. The series is set in 1985, in an alternate history of World War III. With the Warsaw Pact armies driving deep into Western Europe, and as China simultaneously decides to take advantage of the global distraction to settle some old territorial scores, the Middle East erupts as well. Israel launches a pre-emptive strike to deflate yet another attempt by the Syrians to re-conquer the Golan Heights. But the Syrians have rebuilt their army in the three years since they were defeated in Lebanon by these same Israelis. And the Syrian High Command has anticipated such a move by the Israelis. They have developed a counter-strategy with a simple goal: drive the Israeli Army into the Mediterranean Sea.

The WORLD AT WAR 85 system features a unique combat system that involves die rolls by both attacking units and defending units, which keeps both players engaged throughout the game. Die rolls are compared and hits applied quickly, as all the information you need to fight your units is on the counters. No combat results table is necessary. Initiative, formation activation, random turn length, close air support and air cover are all smoothly integrated.

It’s all here:

·      Basic, Advanced and, for each Volume, Optional Rules.

·      Units include:

o   ISRAELI Merkava-2 Main Battle Tank

o   ISRAELI F-4E Close Air Support Aircraft

o   SYRIAN T-72 Main Battle Tank

o   SYRIAN MIG-23 Air Cover Aircraft


o   SOVIET MI-24E Attack Helicopter

o   US MARINE CORPS M-60 Main Battle Tank

o   US NAVY F-14 Close Air Support Aircraft

o   …and many more.


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