Heroes of the Colosseum

Heroes of the Colosseum

Heroes of the Colosseum Includes:

Two Game Manuals

Twelve Player Cards

Two 11”x 17” Maps

One 8.5”x11” Map

Two Player Aid Cards

One Counter sheet with 112 counters

Two D6 Dice


Executive Producer: David Heath

Associate Producer: Blackwell Hird

Game Design & Development: Ed Teixeira


Box Design & Art: Paul Kime - Based on Pollice Verso “With a Turned umb”

Map Art: Paul Kime & Blackwell Hird

Player Aid Cards: Blackwell Hird

Counter Art: Paul Kime & Blackwell Hird

Manual Author: Ed Teixeira

Manual Editor: Ed Teixeira

Manual Design and Layout: Blackwell Hird

Administration: Ava Marie Heath

Customer Support: Jason Church

Logistic Manager: Darren White

Playtesters, Special Thanks & Support: S.J. Benoist, Ren Bitzer, Shauna Church, Nicholas Heath, Shane Heath, Nick Katzer, Caleb King, Patrick Lewis, Phil Lucero, Austin Stoltz, Lil, Kindra White, Patrick White

Why We Do What We Do: We love designing, developing and most of all playing games. We thank God for blessing us so we can follow our passions and to our family, friends and of course our customers.

Not one but two games! Inside Heroes of the Colosseum you’ll find everything you need to recreate the blood sport of gladiatorial combat and also the excitement of chariot racing. On the gladiator side you’ll find:

  • Rules to personalize your gladiators, making each truly unique.   
  • A way to generate Non-Player Gladiators, opponents totally controlled by the game mechanics.
  • Two full-color arenas, beautiful counters, and Roster Sheets to represent the gladiators and their equipment.
  • Quick to learn, but hard to master, combat rules that accurately reflect the gladiatorial way of combat.
  • An easy to use Campaign System, to track the success of your gladiators, as they rise in abilities.
  • Three different Locales to fight in, from the Fringes of the Empire to Rome herself, where only the greatest gladiators can gain their freedom.

The second game lets you race chariots at the Circus Maximus.  Like your gladiator counterpart; your charioteer starts his journey to Fame & Fortune, on the Fringes of the Empire. With luck and skill, you increase in abilities and climb up the ladder to freedom.  On the way, you will whip and bash all opponents who stand between you and your ultimate goal – freedom! Inside you’ll find:

  • Rules to personalize your charioteer, making each truly unique.   
  • A full-color Racing Oval, beautiful counters, and Roster Sheets to track your chariots.
  • A unique mechanic where, unlike other chariot games where you fall behind and out of the race, each player is always in the race, making critical decisions each and every turn. 
  • An easy to use Campaign System, to track the success of your charioteers, as they rise in abilities.
  • A way to generate Non-Player Charioteers, totally controlled by the game mechanics. 

In Heroes of the Colosseum, you have everything you need to do this and much more. But perhaps the best thing about the game is that it can be played solo against the game mechanics, cooperatively with all players against the game, or competitively against your friends.

Your time grows short as you make your way to the arena for your first match. All the training and the pain which you endured to make it here, you hope, will serve you well. The doors part, the crowd roars as you stride to the center of the arena. You look across the sand, soon to be blood red, as your opponent appears. The editor signals the start of the match and you’re off! Will this be the start of a glorious career or merely the end? Welcome to the world of …Heroes of the Colosseum.

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