Line of Fire - The General's Collection

New Line of Fire - The General's Collection

The Line of Fire General’s Collection contains Issue #1 through #15 for one low price.

Line of Fire is a full-color PDF magazine series. Within its covers is, above all, crucial content that flatters fans of the Lock ‘n Load  (LnL), Nations At War (NaW), World At War (WaW) systems and many others.  In-depth, with tactics articles, unit and scenario analysis, and an after-action report; plus new scenarios, new maps and counters and much more.  This one PDF includes all 15 Issues of the Line of Fire magazine and is a must-have for any LnLP fan.

Notice: Articles and Scenarios in this Magazine are more geared towards our older discontinued series Lock ‘n Load and World At War products.  The latest edition of these series are now titled Lock ‘n Load Tactical and World At War 85.  Updated editions of the Articles and Scenarios can be found in our Compendium products.


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