Space Infantry - New Worlds

Space Infantry - New Worlds



  • Four New Missions Sheets
  • Two New Enemy Sheets
  • Two New Enemy Cards
  • New Flamer Unit
  • Campaign Sheet
  • Rule Book
  • New Color Counters
  • All in a Zip-lock Bag

Space Infantry: New Worlds is not a stand-alone game, you will need Space Infantry to play it.


Space Infantry was one of our most popular games in 2011. Now designer Gottardo Zancani is back with another heaping helping of science fiction, solitaire gaming goodness. Space Infantry: New Worlds includes new missions, new enemies, and special creatures, all in one, neat ziplocked package.

Once again gamers can take their squad of Space Infantry into the hives, or experience a pair of new surface missions. Additionally, you’ll battle the deadly Void Spiders or heartless Drones. And you’ll have some brand new equipment to battle them with, including the new Flamer.

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  • $14.99

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