Raid and Riposte Second Edition

In The Works Raid and Riposte Second Edition


  • Over 40 5/8” Die-cut Counters
  • One 11”x17” Heavy Cardstock Map
  • 12 Page Game Manual

The Battle for Tannenbruck, West Germany 1985

Raid and Riposte Second Edition is an area-combat system of the Cold War in 1985 turning hot. The Soviets have invaded West Germany, and the ferocious battle for the crucial city of Tannenbruck, West Germany.  The battle depicts the Soviet defense by the Soviet 1st Paratroop Regiment in its attempt to hold off repeated assaults by Bundeswehr and U.S. Army forces.

Raid and Riposte Second Edition is a quick-playing game with easy-to-learn rules and low counter density. This edition has been updated to include new map and counter design and updated game manual.  This seven-turn game is played on a lush area-movement map. Units represent companies, platoons, leaders, and ATGM and artillery batteries. The Soviets had the element of surprise but NATO has plenty of armor and determination. Tannenbruck and its key river crossing is at stake. Infantry, tanks, helicopters, snipers, leaders and special-forces units are all involved. Here a unique look at a deadly “What-if” scenario, will the Soviets hold on until their reinforcements arrive or will the West Germans and Americans have the fortitude to retake the city?


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