Victory and Glory Napoleon

Victory and Glory Napoleon

Victory & Glory: Napoleon allows the players to relive the entire Napoleonic Wars in one game session. One player will take the role of France in her attempt to unite the continent of Europe with her powerful military led by one of history’s most restless minds: a genius who would reform Europe’s tired political, economic, and social structures while fighting a series of wars against those who resisted this change.

The other player will take the role of Great Britain as she struggled to oppose French domination of the continent by cobbling together a series of alliances with the other great powers. Great Britain used her thriving economy and domination of the seas to blockade France while subsidizing the war effort against France.

  • Refight the entire Napoleonic Wars in 2 hours!
  • Great for Gateway as well as Hard-core Gamers
  • Card-driven gameplay allows the players to make interesting tactical choices while also formulating strategic plans
  • Authentic uniforms for every major nation, and several minor nations
  • Cover and Card Artwork by world-renowned Napoleonic artist: Keith Rocco
  • Unit and Map artwork by Paul Niemeyer

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The Game Includes:

1 x Giant 44.5 x 35.25 Gameboard.

143 x Event Cards.

88 x Military Tiles.

100 x Wooden Influence Cubes.

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