The Ghost Insurgency (World At War 85 Series Book 4)

The Ghost Insurgency (World At War 85 Series Book 4)

Something the Soviets Didn’t Plan On

It is May 1985 and World War III rages in Central Europe. Fledgling insurgent groups in the East Bloc fight for independence from their Soviet overlords. America pledges to help. Among the teams of US military advisers are two Vietnam War veterans, sent in to assist an East German major named Werner Brandt and his motley band of fighters. Their objectives are to help destroy Soviet military reinforcements as they speed towards the frontlines and to eliminate the Russian garrison in control of Saxony. It won’t be easy – Brandt is consumed with a lust for vengeance that threatens to derail his own operations.

Captain Joe Ricci and Sergeant Ned Littlejohn are about to enter a combat zone for the first time in nearly fifteen years. With them, they bring the scarred memories of their Vietnam experiences. As the stakes climb higher and the battle to survive grows more intense, each decision could lead to the liberation of a nation or its own downfall.

“Ricci stood there, pointing down at the burning enemy airbase.

“Major Brandt, you wanted to kill Russians. I wanted to cut off their supplies. This morning, we did both. See what happens when we work together?”

Brandt looked at the chaos and death and fire consuming the airbase. His stomach lurched. The cold MRE he had eaten last night spewed out on the ground before him. He stumbled off and leaned on a tree, out of sight of his men. As he sucked in the fresh breaths of air, he gained a new appreciation for the potential of teamwork. He would work with the Americans each step of the way. Together, they would set the world ablaze.”

The Ghost Insurgency Includes:

Book Length: 160 Pages

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Executive Producer
David Heath

Brad Smith

Hans Korting

Audiobook Edition
Preston Rosales

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