Lock 'n Load Gravity Dice and Bullet Case Holder

Lock 'n Load Gravity Dice and Bullet Case Holder

Enhance Your Gaming with Gravity Dice – VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES 


Are you tired of getting bad rolls?  Are you looking for something that would be better at randomized dice rolling?  If you have multiple board games that require a d6 dice, the Lock ‘n Load Gravity Dice Bullet Pack are an excellent way to enhance your gaming experience.   Gravity Dice are CNC Machined dice that have been calculated to have a perfect center of gravity. This is done utilizing the most advanced 3D modeling and simulation to bring you perfectly balanced dice. Through complex model algorithms, we found a balance between great weight, the center of gravity and exceptional style.

What’s the Difference?

The difference between the Gravity Dice and a regular hard plastic dice is with a hard-plastic dice has a greater chance of rolling in a 4,5,6 due to a heavier surface area on the opposite side. With the Gravity dice, all sides have an equal chance of being rolled, due to all side having the same amount of surface area and being weight equally on all sides.  Hard-plastic dice don’t show any weight on a scale, Gravity Dice, have a weight of 8 grams.
The Lock ‘n Load Bullet Edition is designed after the .357 Magnum Bullet, this custom dice holder holds three dice.  These dice are made of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. They are CNC-machined by skilled technicians here in the US. They are then anodized to Type II standards in Magna, UT.  The technicians drill each hole to a perfectly-calculated depth to ensure you have the most precise and perfectly balanced die in the industry. 
You will receive a set of 3 precision-machined dice one in green, red and grey along with the Lock ‘n Load Bullet dice holder and for a limited time a carry bag.



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