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Lock ‘n Load Tactical Replacement Counters

The LNLT Replacement Counters were made from the Lock ‘n Load Tactical Clarifications and Corrections PDF. These corrections have been compiled from old FAQ/Errata and forum posts from various forums over time. The misprinted counters can be replaced by downloading the PDF and printing the corrected counters and pasting the front and back images onto the counters. For those who prefer you can order the LnLT Replacement counters. There will be a limit of one per customer and only be as supplies last.

Breakout at Normandy has begun

Operation Cobra is an expansion for the game White Star Rising in the Nations at War series. This expansion focuses on the events surrounding the Allied breakout from the Normandy beachhead in July-August 1944. Operation Cobra adds the Canadians, the Free French and the Free Polish to the Nations at War series in addition to new units for the Americans, the British, and the Germans.

On July 25th, 1944 the American, British, Canadian, Free French and Polish Armies launched an offensive to eliminate the deadlock in the Norman peninsula and launch the Allied Armies into the interior of France. The German Army, over-committed and under-equipped, was soundly defeated; thousands of its troops, in addition to much of their equipment, were captured in the Falaise pocket. The offensive worked, in six weeks but the blood spilled and courage shown during the battle. The battle came down to an uncountable number of skirmishes, clashes, and firefights. Fourteen such events make up the scenarios of Operation Cobra.

Operation Cobra comes with nine stand-alone scenarios, focusing on events near Falaise, as the Germans tried to escape the converging Allied armies. Among the topics are the Polish stand on Mont Ormel Ridge and Canadian efforts to capture the village of St. Lambert-sur-Dives. Operation Cobra also contains a five scenario linked campaign following the breakout of American armored units during Operation Cobra near the end of July 1944.

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