Lock 'n Load Tactical Point Blank Card Game

In The Works Lock 'n Load Tactical Point Blank Card Game


A Card Game of Squad Combat

Point Blank is Lock 'n Load Tactical World War 2 card game for 2 players pitted against each other in situational combat scenarios.  There is also a solo option as well as partnerships in teams of 2.  Each scenario presents the players with a unique situation involving squads of men, support weapons, leaders and individual armored fighting vehicles.  The first game in the series will pit the forces of the USA against Germany just after the landings in Normandy (June 1944) through October 1944. Each player has victory conditions determined by the scenario in which to defend or take objectives, seek and destroy their opponent’s units or one of many other different scenario objectives.

The game is played on an abstract map board made up of terrain cards in the game and managed through a distance system that accounts for the range to targets, line of sight and defensive attributes. The player has units that start out on the map and gradually work their way towards their objectives by advancing through the battlefield all the while conducting combat actions against their opponent or defending their troops from return fire or whatever hell that awaits them. Players draw cards from a common action deck where they will play actions on their units on the map board. The game is an IGOUGO impulse system and turns are managed when the action deck is exhausted. (Some scenarios may require multiple deck exhaustion to finish the game). Actions in the game consist of Fire, Move, Assault, Rally etc. The action cards contain dice icons on them to determine random results.

One of the unique features of the game is that it contains a deck of terrain cards that are not part of the action deck. As players change terrain they will draw a terrain card in which their moving units will occupy. Some action cards such as Recon helps players manage what terrain they occupy but your opponent may have other plans for your moving troops during their turn.

Combat in the game is similar to how combat is conducted in Lock n Load Tactical. 2 players can play a game in about an hour (depending on the scenario size) and if you cannot find an opponent then try the game’s solo system. In general, the gameplay is fast and excited and compares to such legendary game systems as Up Front.  Make sure to check The Player’s Aid review with the design on this page.


The Player’s Aid Interview with Sean Druelinger


Lock ‘n Load Tactical – Point Blank Includes:

1 x Counter Sheet of ¾ Size Counters that are 2mm Thick

250+ Tarot Size Units Cards of Allied and Axis Forces

90+ Mini Size Support Weapon Cards

10+ Mini Size Leader Cards

100+ Poker Size Action Cards

80+ Poker Size Terrain Cards

15+ Poker Size Objective Tarot Cards

1 x Rule Booklet

1 x Scenario Booklet

1 x Heavy Duty Box


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Complexity: 6 out of 10

Solitaire: 10 out of 10

Ages: 14+

Players: 1-2

Time: 60-90 Minutes

Executive Producer: David Heath
Associate Producer: Sean Druelinger 
Game Design & Development: Sean Druelinger

Box Design & Art: Shayne Logan
Card Art: Shayne Logan
Manual Author: Sean Druelinger
Manual Editor: Hans Korting
Manual Design and Layout: Blackwell Hird
Administration: Ava Marie Heath

Customer Support: Darren White 

Logistic Manager: Darren White
Playtesters: Sean Druelinger, David Heath, Nicholas Heath, Shane Heath, Noah Stoltz, Patrick White
Special Thanks & Support: Ute von Martial, Yvonne Heath, Daniel Heath, Phil Lucero, Kindra White, Zack Corey

Why We Do What We Do:  We love playing games, as well as designing and developing them. We give praise and thanks to God for blessing us so we can follow our dreams and passions. We also thank you our fans, friends, and family for making this possible for us.


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