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Lock 'n Load Tactical Series

Lock ‘n Load Tactical Series – For over 20 years the LnLT system has set a new standard in Squad-level gaming. Its innovative gameplay mechanics, unparalleled artwork, historical scope, and accessibility have entertained veteran and new gamers alike. 

Dark July 43 Companion Book Dark July 43 Companion Book
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Brand: Lock 'n Load Publishing Model: LLP983935
What is a Companion Book?   The Companion Books are the same as the Module Rules and Scenario booklets that are available in our games, with the exception we included most of the charts and tables that come within that game.  So why release the Companion book?  The Companion Books were designed ..
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Dark July 43 Expansion Dark July 43 Expansion
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Brand: Lock 'n Load Publishing Model: LLP312599
Warrior Tanks of Kursk  Dark July 43 is a Lock ‘n Load Tactical expansion module that depicts the brutal battles fought west of Prochorovka between July 9th and 12th, 1943, during the epic Battle of Kursk.   One 34” x 22“ non-geomorphic map and two 12.75” x 8.25” geomorphic maps that forms a ..
$34.99 $39.99

Dark July 43 X-Maps Dark July 43 X-Maps
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Brand: Lock 'n Load Publishing Model: LLP314081
Expand Your Dark July 43 Experience with the X-Maps   What are Dark July 43 X-Maps you ask?  X-Maps simply put are larger maps able to be used with our Lock ‘n Load Tactical game series.  X-Maps are the same as our standard maps in every way except they are comprised of larger hexes, which conta..
$9.99 $29.99

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