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LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book

LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
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LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book
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LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Spiral Book

Lock ‘n Load Tactical v5.1 – Play the Game and Not the Rules
AVAILABLE NOW v5.1 – Spiral-Bound Booklet

For almost 20 years the (LnLT) system has set a new standard in Squad-level gaming with scenario-based gameplay. Its innovative mechanics, unparalleled artwork, historical scope, and accessibility have entertained veterans and new gamers alike. Over that time, our rules have grown, too, introducing new unit capabilities and concepts; they have also matured in their presentation.



The LnLT version 5.1 (v5.1) rules manual contains the latest set of guidelines and regulations for the game system. Our goal is to present the rules in a straightforward manner without disrupting their existing structure and foundation.  For clarity, some rules sections have been modified not with content but with a new structure, e.g., additional subsections, more bullet points, or more images and examples—and even in-depth examples. Additional cross-referencing of rules, expanded unit-image diagrams and a detailed Index have also been updated.



A multitude of new additions, clarifications, and rewording of existing rules are included in this new updated version.  Changes from v5.0 to the v5.1 rules can be easily spotted as they have been highlighted in blue text. We encourage new players to read the two gameplay narratives (for infantry and vehicles/ordnance) found at the back of the book before reading the rules, to familiarize yourself with how a scenario plays in an intuitive and observational manner. The v5.1 rules can be used with any previously published module, including the Solo system.

Learning any game system can be daunting, but don’t be dissuaded; we use a large font-size, to accommodate the eyes, and have lots of examples, to illustrate the mechanics. Further, the best way to learn is to have another person show you how to play, but that’s not always an option. 

Also included is our LnLT Starter Kit. 

The v5.1 rules can be used with any previously published LnLT module, including the Solo system.

Requirements: LnLT Core Rules manual can also be download from the following links below:

MP3 -
Audiobook -
Hardcover and Audible -

Note: All Editions are free except the Hardcover and Audible editions.

LnLT Bootcamp Training Videos:


Please Note: There is no difference between the PDF Edition and this Printed Edition of the rules.  The PDF edition can be downloaded here.



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Product Profile
Components Lock 'n Load Tactical v5.1 Core Rules

1 x 290 - Page Spiral Bound Manual.
Credits Executive Producer - David Heath
Associate Producer - Devin Heinle
Series Lead Design - Devin Heinle
Series Development Team - David Heath, Mike Panikowski, Stéphane Tanguay
Manual Author - Devin Heinle, David Heath, Jeff Lewis, Stephane Tanguay
Editor - Hans Korting, Stephane Tanguay
Graphics & Layout - Blackwell Hird, David Julien, Marc von Martial, Ivan Caceres
Battle Generator - David Heath, Wolfgang Klein
LnLT Solo - Sean Druelinger, David Heath
LnLT Solo Appreciation - Gunter Eickert, Uwe Eickert, John Butterfield
Digital Tabletop Modules: - Tabletop Simulator, Vassal, Tabletopia Uwe Bech, Rick Billings, Trent Garner
Quality Assurance - Maddie Gale, Patrick White
Administration - Ava Marie Heath
Customer Support - Darren White
Series Video, Audio & Player Aids - Nate Rogers, Keith Tracton
Index Author - Al Davis
Steam Computer Game Module - Tom Proudfoot

Playtesters and Support
Mark Apodaca, Brett Avants, Bob Bickart, Robert Peter Bottos, Russel Brown, Andrea Cantatore, Dario Cantatore, Richard Danda, Al Davis, Rebecca Davis, Sean Druelinger, Eric Duckworth, Robert Fairman, Ralph Ferrari, Maurice Fitzgerald, Robert Gurule, Shane Heath, Steve Higginson, Nick Huntington, Howard Jones, Phil Lucero, Doug Miller, Mark Mitchell, Steve Mynes, Jeff Newell, Jim Owczarski, Mike Panikowski, Tom Proudfoot, Tyler Roush, Kev Sharp, Chris Shockey, Norman Smith, Robert Smith, Ty Snouffer, Noah Stoltz, Vance Strickland, Stéphane Tanguay, Ken Tee, Keith Tracton, Gabor Venczel, Kindra White, Patrick White, John Wilson, Dick Winters, Jim Woodall

Dedication - Wild Bill Wilder 1937 – 2020

Why We Do What We Do
We love playing games, as well as designing and developing them. We give praise and thanks to God for blessing us so we can follow our dreams and passions. We also thank you our fans, friends, and family for making this possible for us.

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