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Space Infantry Federation, is a new game designed by Nathan Hansen in the Space Infantry Universe with you as the leader of the Space Infantry military.  The Federation has achieved the technology necessary for interstellar travel, giving us the capability to expand the empire beyond the solar system. However, it turns out that we are not alone in the universe! Five rival alien races – the Cuthonians, Flesh Eaters, Cybers, and Mutants – are not too thrilled at the Federation's advancement into what they believe is their territory. Top that off with the lurking threat of a band of fearsome Mercenaries, a race to achieve the best technology, and the ever-shifting tides of diplomacy and war, and Space Infantry Federation is a game that – both literally and figuratively – takes place on a galactic scale.

Many things can go wrong on this journey. If an alien race starship is in Sol by the end of one's turn, the Earth is conquered and the Federation has fallen and will be lost to their new overlords. If Federation Stability drops to zero, anarchy will reign supreme. If all of the aliens achieve technology beyond what the Federation could ever dream of.

But even with all of these ways to fail, you are determined, and if you can lead the Federation to take over the exoplanets in the various enemy territories, we will have an established foothold in galactic affairs for millennia to come. However, to do this we must build starships and space stations, maneuver those starships to other worlds, research new technologies, spy on the advancements of our enemies, and keep up the morale on the homefront.  Meanwhile, you must work our ways through the political tides with the alien races which are always in constant flux; There are many ways to win or lose our Federation, good luck Commander.

Make no mistake, Space Infantry Federation will test your leadership in all-new ways. Will you guide your star fleets and resource wisely.

Requirements: Space Infantry Federation is a complete game and requires nothing else to play.  



Space Infantry – Federation Contains:


Complexity: 4 out of 10

Solitaire: 10 out of 10

Ages: 14+

Players: 1

Time: 30 Minutes – 1.5 Hour


Executive Producer – David Heath

Associate Producer – Blackwell Hird

Game Design & Development – Nathan Hansen

Art – “Cloud”

Graphic Design – Blackwell Hird

Box Art & Design – Blackwell Hird

Administration – Ava Marie Heath

Lead Tester – Patrick White

Logistics Manager – Darren White

Special Thanks & Support – Mark Apodaca, Russell Brown, John Deluca, Debbie Deluca, Nathan Druelinger, Sean Druelinger, Ralph Ferrari, Maddie Gale, Andrew Heath, Daniel Heath, Nicholas Heath, Shane Heath, Rose Jackson, Phil Lucero, Jeff Newell, Noah Stoltz, Brittany Ward, Kindra White.

Why We Do What We Do

We love playing games, as well as designing and developing them. We give praise and thanks to God for blessing us so we can follow our dreams and passions. We also thank you our fans, friends, and family for making this possible for us.


This third installment in the Space Infantry series takes the core concept of an elite squad of veteran sci-fi soldiers fighting through random obstacles to reach an objective, using only the tools they bring with them and what they can scrounge from the environment to a new level. Main additions are co-op play, dice, and "node" cards.

The chit-based random number generation system has been replaced with physical dice. Static maps have been replaced with randomized locations on a set layout. Nodes towards a mission goal still exist but are no longer printed on the mission sheet. Instead, a deck of “node” cards are drawn and placed on an 11 x 17 map sheet as mission progresses. To further customize the experience, the “node deck” can be split into specific encounter types such as zero – g, Hazardous terrain, science facility and so on.

Space Infantry: Resurgence also brings together every module, both by LnLP and by the game’s developer, including New Worlds, Hordes mode, Steele Bones, and The Last Outpost with new components, systems, and artwork.


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