Tank on Tank Digital - Bundle West - East Front for Windows

Tank on Tank Digital - Bundle West - East Front for Windows

OS: Windows 7 through Windows 10 (does not support Windows XP) 

Processor: Dual Core Processor 

Memory: 2 GB RAM 

Graphics: Integrated 

Network: Broadband Internet connection for multiplayer.  

Storage: 2.0 GB available space


No components, the game is a digital download only.

Original Board Game Design: Peter Bogdasarian

Lead Programming and
AI: Jo Bader

Producer: David Heath

Graphics: Artem Sys

Scenario Design: Trent Garner, Jake Rose, Jo Bader

Music: Waldameisen, Achim Behrens

Sound: Rosi Bader

Playtesting: Emery Gallant, Nadir Elfarra, Michael “Mixo” Weber

Programming: Philipp Bader

Manual: Emery Gallant, Rosi Bader

Thanks: Steve Overton & Trent Garner


Tank on Tank Digital brings the excitement of Peter Bogdasarian's Tank on Tank series to the PC. Fight battles and campaigns on both Eastern and Western fronts. Command Panthers and Tigers against T-34s and KV/85s in Russia, or against Shermans and Pershings in Europe. Send armored infantry against anti-tank guns and artillery positions, protect valuable convoys, and lead all-out assaults.

There are rules for improved positions, armored infantry, airstrikes, mounted units, artillery, HQ orders, and more. Units in the game include Shermans, Pershings, Wolverines, T-34s, KV/85s, KV-1s, Tigers, Panthers, Panzer MkIVs, Puma and M-8 scout cars, AT-guns, fixed and mobile artillery, armored infantry, mounted and unmounted infantry.

Experience the tactical flavor of World War II tank battles like never before. Tank on Tank Digital is a light tactical game depicting ground combat in World War II that can be learned in a few minutes. If you’ve been looking for a simple game to try your leadership abilities, or perhaps something light to introduce young commanders and tacticians to war gaming, Tank on Tank Digital is the answer.

Module Westfront with 19 Scenarios and 4 Campaigns (‘Operation Jake’ is a shorter introductory Campaign with 2 Scenarios on a single Map A): 

  • Overrun
  • Tiger 222
  • Screen
  • Crossing the Douve
  • Recon Failure
  • Hasty Defense
  • Recon Into Sector
  • River Crossing
  • Pershing Power
  • Relieve Peiper
  • Dense Forest
  • Side Attack
  • Omaha Beach
  • Utah Beach
  • Christmas Day
  • Prelude
  • Saint Lo Day 1
  • Saint Lo Day 2
  • Saint Lo Day 3 
  • D-Day – Campaign  
  • Operation Jake – Campaign  
  • Saint Lo – Campaign  
  • Ardennes – Campaign  

Module Eastfront with 19 Scenarios and 3 Campaigns (Stalingrad consists of 5 Scenarios 18 Turns each on an evolving unique Stalingrad Map):

  • Slow Response
  • Pak Front
  • Betrayal
  • Closing In
  • Dash for the Dvina
  • Smashing Through
  • Relief Convoy
  • Roll Back
  • City Fight
  • Heavy Clash
  • Red Storm
  • Panther Pride
  • Clear the Road
  • Counter Attack
  • The First Bid
  • Day 2 
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Operation East – Campaign  
  • Donets Campaign 1943 – Campaign  
  • Stalingrad – Campaign  

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