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Space Infantry Series

Space Infantry Series – In Space Infantry Resurgence you command an elite squad of veteran Space Infantry soldiers taking on the daunting task of fighting against unknown alien foes, through challenging environments, using only the weapons and tools brought with you.   Space Infantry is a sci-fi game of squad-level combat where you control a Squad of 8–12 soldiers on a series of missions that can be played individually or as a campaign. Space Infantry is a solitaire game or up to 2 players.   Players will outfit the squad members with deadly weapons and vehicles, then guide that squad through a multi-mission persistent campaign.

Brand: Lock 'n Load Publishing Model: LLP314616
Another Day in the Corps   The threats faced by United Systems have increased. Sinister forces beyond our universe have turned their eyes to the fragile United Systems and have set themselves the task of annihilating all human life.    You’ll fight across a massive campaign with new ongoing ..
Brand: Lock 'n Load Publishing Model: LLP983300-P
Another Glorious Day In the Corps Available Formats and Editions: PDF, MP3, Amazon Kindle, Audible, Apple Books & Paperback   The Space Infantry are here! Conducting covert missions throughout the galaxy’s frontiers, these elite units are humanity’s greatest hope for its future survival. It is ..
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