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WaW85 Vol. 4 - Never Give In

WaW85 Vol. 4 - Never Give In
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WaW85 Vol. 4 - Never Give In
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WaW85 Vol. 4 - Never Give In

NEVER GIVE IN is the fourth volume in the WORLD AT WAR 85 SERIES of fast and furious platoon-level combat.  Set in 1985, in an alternate history of World War III, when the Warsaw Pact armies storm across the border of East Germany in a powerful attempt to seize West Germany and the whole of Free Europe, it is a complete game.

NEVER GIVE IN introduces the French army into the series, as the Ier & IIe corps move in to support NATO’s CENTAG and SOUTHAG against the Pact onslaught, and IIIe corps comes to the rescue of NORTHAG.  France’s elite Force d’Action Rapide (Rapid Action Force) will also be featured.

The WORLD AT WAR 85 system features a unique combat system that involves die rolls by both attacking units and defending units, which keeps both players engaged throughout the game. Die rolls are compared and hits applied quickly, as all the information you need to fight your units is on the counters. No combat results table is necessary. The initiative, formation activation, random turn length, close air support, and air cover are all integrated smoothly.

It's all here:

  • Basic, Advanced, and, for each Volume, Optional Rules.

Units include :

    • French AMX 30 and AMX 30B2 Main Battle Tank ;
    • French AMX 10 RC Heavy Recon Vehicle ;
    • French Gazelle HOT Attack Helicopter ;
    • French AMX 10 P Infantry Fighting Vehicle ;
    • French Jaguar Close Air Support Aircraft ;
    • French Infantry, Shock Infantry, and combat Engineers
    • West German Leopard I & II Main Battle Tanks ;
    • USSR T-64 & T-80 Main Battle Tanks ;
    • USSR BMP-1 & BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles ;
    • USSR Mi-24 Hind E Attack Helicopter ;

….. and many more. »


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