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About Us

About Us

Lock ‘n Load Publishing, LLC, which was founded in 2006, is a Colorado-based game company that publishes many strategy and wargame titles, including Lock ‘n Load Tactical, World At War 85, and Nations At War Series.

We enjoy designing, developing, and publishing some of the best strategy games in the world. Lock ‘n Load Publishing (hereinafter collectively referred to as “LnLP”) has published over eighty products, including our fan favorites Nations at War Series, World at War 85 Series, and Lock 'n Load Tactical series. We have expanded the publishing line now to include novels to go along with our game series in Paperback, PDF, and Audiobook lines.

In addition to strategy and historical, conflict-centered games, LnLP has continued to branch out into science fiction, with All Things Zombie Reloaded, Falling Stars RPG, and Space Infantry Resurgence all popular with wargamers and fantasy gamers alike.

In July 2014, LnLP entered a new stage with David Heath becoming LnLP new principal owner and business manager. Many of you may already know David Heath as he was the previous CEO/founder of Matrix Games, The Wargamer, and The Gamer's Network for over ten years.  

LnLP recently expanded into computer games with our lines including the Nations At War, Lock 'n Load Tactical and Victory, and Glory the American Civil War for the MAC, Windows, and iOS for the iPad.  As LnLP moves forward, it intends to continue to broaden its product lines. 

We thank God for blessing us and allowing us to follow our passions and we thank you for your support in our endeavors.

Revised: June 6, 2024

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