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Heroes in Defiance Companion Book

Heroes in Defiance Companion Book
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Heroes in Defiance Companion Book
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Heroes in Defiance Companion Book

What is a Companion Book?

The Companion Books are the same as the Module Rules and Scenario booklets that are available in our games, with the exception we included most of the charts and tables that come within that game.  So why release the Companion book?  The Companion Books were designed for those gamers who are playing virtually and did not want to purchase the entire game just for the scenarios and tables to play via Vassal or Tabletop Simulator.  So to be clear the Companion Books are NOT complete games but contain everything a player will need to play via Vassal or Tabletop Simulator.  Players who prefer to play virtually can do so without the need to own the board (boxed) edition of the game.  The Companion Books can be used by players playing digitally via our  Digital DLC editions via Steam for their Macs or Windows computers.

So if you own or purchase the board games you don't need to purchase the Companion Books.  Some board game owners prefer them since they are spiral bound and will lay flat on the table and any typos or known errors found since the printing of the original edition of the board game has been updated.  The Companion books can be used with any game printing or game rule edition.

If you are looking for opponents on either Vassal or Tabletop Simulator can use our Discord server.

Please Note:  This is not a complete product and requires the use of the free modules via Vassal or Tabletop Simulator or the Digital DLC modules available via Steam.  The Companion books can also be used with the Tabletop Boardgame as well.

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