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Enemy At The Gates Expansion

Enemy At The Gates Expansion
Enemy At The Gates Expansion
Enemy At The Gates Expansion
Enemy At The Gates Expansion
Enemy At The Gates Expansion
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Enemy At The Gates Expansion
Enemy At The Gates Expansion
Enemy At The Gates Expansion
Enemy At The Gates Expansion
Enemy At The Gates Expansion

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Enemy At The Gates Expansion
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Enemy At The Gates Expansion

The Enemy is at the Gates 

Enemy at the Gates is an expansion for the Heroes of the Bitter Harvest for the Lock 'n Load Tactical series. It features a fluid, impulse-based turns, squad-level, and individual heroics, plus lots of armor and special rules to bring the fight for the city of Stalingrad. From the first drive to cut off the city along the north bank of the Volga to the brutal and close-in street to street and room to room fighting that raged across the city. Fighting in the Dzerzhinsky Tractor Works Factory and on the slopes of Mamayev Kurgan. Fighting in the Red October Factory complex and at Pavlovs House as well as the German attempt to capture the main ferry landings are covered. New equipment is introduced to both sides as the Maxim Machinegun and the ROKS-3 flamethrower are added to the Soviet arsenal. The Germans receive shipments of MG42 Machineguns and the StuH 42 join the battle.

New Module Specific rules are introduced such as Severe Rubble terrain, Snipers are allowed to reposition to take advantage of the unique Sniper engagements that were so common in Stalingrad. Sewer movement is also introduced as it was such a pervasive means of getting around the bombed-out city.

4 new maps and 1 sheet of counters are included in this expansion


Product Profile
Components Enemy At The Gates Includes:

4 x Geomorphic 8.25 x 12.75 Maps.
1 x Counter Sheets.
1 x Color Module Rules and Scenario Booklet with 10 Scenarios
2 x Player Aid Card 11 x 17
1 x Ziplock Bag
Stats Complexity: 5 out of 10
Solitaire: 10 out of 10
Ages: 12+
Players: 1-2
Time: 2-4 Hours
Speciality Links Bootcamp Training Videos:

Requirements Requirements: This is NOT a complete game and requires Lock 'n Load Tactical Heroes of the Bitter Harvest Game to play.

Credits Executive Producer - David Heath
Associate Producer - Devin Heinle
Series Lead Design - Devin Heinle
Steam Computer Game Module - Tom Proudfoot
Series Development Team - David Heath, Mike Panikowski, Stéphane Tanguay
Manual Author - Devin Heinle, David Heath, Stephane Tanguay
Editor - Hans Korting, Stephane Tanguay
Graphics & Layout - Blackwell Hird, David Julien, Marc von Martial, Ivan Caceres
Battle Generator - David Heath, Wolfgang Klein
Digital Tabletop Modules: - Tabletop Simulator, Vassal, Tabletopia Uwe Bech, Rick Billings, Trent Garner
Quality Assurance - Maddie Gale, Patrick White
Administration - Ava Marie Heath
Customer Support - Darren White
Series Video, Audio & Player Aids - Nate Rogers, Keith Tracton
Index Author - Al Davis

Playtesters and Support
Mark Apodaca, Brett Avants, Bob Bickart, Robert Peter Bottos, Russel Brown, Andrea Cantatore, Dario Cantatore, Richard Danda, Al Davis, Rebecca Davis, Sean Druelinger, Eric Duckworth, Robert Fairman, Ralph Ferrari, Maurice Fitzgerald, Robert Gurule, Shane Heath, Steve Higginson, Nick Huntington, Howard Jones, Phil Lucero, Doug Miller, Mark Mitchell, Steve Mynes, Jeff Newell, Jim Owczarski, Mike Panikowski, Tom Proudfoot, Tyler Roush, Kev Sharp, Chris Shockey, Norman Smith, Robert Smith, Ty Snouffer, Noah Stoltz, Vance Strickland, Stéphane Tanguay, Ken Tee, Keith Tracton, Gabor Venczel, Kindra White, Patrick White, John Wilson, Dick Winters, Jim Woodall

Dedication - Wild Bill Wilder 1937 – 2020
Why We Do What We Do
We love playing games, as well as designing and developing them. We give praise and thanks to God for blessing us so we can follow our dreams and passions. We also thank you our fans, friends, and family for making this possible for us.

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