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Line of Fire Magazine

Line of Fire Magazine – What you can expect for Line of Fire, is a high-quality, four-color magazine that is bristling with articles. We hope to give you an eyeful of gorgeous material to enhance your Lock ‘n Load Publishing products.  We’re happy with it, we’re proud of it, we’ve enjoyed putting it together. We hope that you enjoy reading it.   

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The Line of Fire General’s Collection contains Issue #1 through #15 for one low price.   Line of Fire is a full-color PDF magazine series. Within its covers is, above all, crucial content that flatters fans of the Lock ‘n Load  (LnL), Nations At War (NaW), World At War (WaW) systems, and many ot..
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Line of Fire #15 – This Colossally Colorful Issue Contains Articles and Scenarios Heroes of the Gap Expansion Module: The Bear & The Jackal!   The Bear & The Jackal (TB&TJ) contains nine fierce firefights from the Soviet-Afghan War. It expands Heroes of the Gap, and utilizes new David Julian-dr..
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Line of Fire #14 is Packed with Almost 60 Pages of Articles, Scenarios, and World at War Expansion Module!   Open Line of Fire #14 and check out articles on the dust mechanic in Desert Heat, on the US Army’s Armored Divisions in World War II, and a compelling and poignant exposition on the zombi..
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Line of Fire #13 is Another Bountiful Issue of Our Charles S. Roberts Award-nominated magazine.   At the vanguard of this issue is the Nations at War series of games. Included are articles on the future of the series, on Stalin’s Triumph, and on strategies for the campaign in Operation Cobra; pl..
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Line of Fire #12 Is An Issue Like No Other Before It!   This 60-page issue (in full color) features a wealth of content on Lock ‘n Load Forgotten Heroes 2: a detailed review of the game containing examples of play, a gripping battle report on the scenario “A River of Perfume”, an in-depth histor..
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Line of Fire #11 With 60 full-color pages and 16 scenarios, Line of Fire #11 is loaded with a feast of new content for most of your favorite Lock ‘n Load Publishing games!    The World at War (WaW) system gets a major injection of new scenarios in this issue. Six scenarios depict further carnag..
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Line of Fire #10 Contains 24 Scenarios!   Yes, you read correctly: Line of Fire #10 contains 24 scenarios—way more than most games do. Expansions, modulettes, linked scenarios, one-off scenarios, themed scenarios and variants. Scenarios for nine different game systems!   Corps Command: Dawn’..
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Line of Fire #9   Issue #9 of Line of Fire is packed with 65 full-color pages. Nations at War: White Star Rising takes center stage, and the stage is Normandy in 1944. On a new 11”x17” map, two tenacious scenarios unfold as infamous German panzer ace Michael Wittmann, with his own new counte..
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Line of Fire #8. Our Biggest Issue Yet! Line of Fire #8 is loaded with over 60 full-color pages of super-charged content, covering a wide selection of LnLP game systems, a pair of new 8.5”x11” maps, and 88 5/8” die-cut counters.   Gain tactical insights on All Things Zombie, Tank on Tank, and o..
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Line of Fire #7   Seven is Considered a Lucky Number, and Line of Fire #7 Contains Seven New Scenarios, Four of Them Played on New Maps!   This issue of Line of Fire finishes off Arrigo Velicogna’s serial World at War (WaW) modulette Munich’s Highway, which began in Line of Fire #4, with its..
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Line of Fire Issue #6 Full-color Scenarios, Battle Reports, Articles, a Variant, a LOS Guide, New Counters, and a Map. Line of Fire #6 contains content covering games from the Falkland Islands to Flintlock. A Ring of Hills brings the squad-level intensity of the Lock ‘n Load (LnL) system to th..
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Line of Fire Issue #5 With Six New Scenarios and 50 New Counters for World at War, Line of Fire #5 is like an Expansion Module on its Own! . . . But There’s So Much More!! The four formations in West Germany’s 1st Aufklärung-Abteilung and the Soviet 2nd Tank have appeared in Line of Fire befor..
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Line of Fire Issue #4   Ready, Aim, Fire! Whether you’re interested in Flintlock: Carolina Rebels, Band of Heroes, Eisenbach Gap, or Island War Deluxe, Line of Fire #4 needs to be in your hands.   Learn everything you need to know about Flintlock: Carolina Rebels in an extensive article on i..
Line of Fire Issue #04 Countersheet
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Line of Fire Magazine #04 mounted counter sheet with 25 5/8” Counters for World at War (WaW).  These counters have never been available except as Print and Play Edition.  These are very limited so get them fast. Note: This is not a full product.    ..
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Line of Fire #3 is Loaded with 55 Pages of Full-color Content!   In this issue, you’ll read about everything from zombies to soldiers in the American Revolution, from German SS Panzergrenadiers on World War II’s East Front to Fallschirmjägers on the West Front, and about American soldiers in Som..
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Line of Fire Issue #2   If one is good, two must be better . . . Open Line of Fire #2 and find out!   In this, the second issue of Lock ‘n Load Publishing magazine, Line of Fire, you’ll find almost 50 full-color pages of content, plus fresh components for many of your favorite LnLP games. Th..
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Line of Fire Issue #1   The Inaugural Issue of the Lock ‘n Load Publishing Magazine!   Line of Fire #1 is now a printed and full-color magazine. Within its covers is, above all, crucial content that flatters fans of the Lock ‘n Load  (LnL) system. From the start of World War II (Heroes of th..
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